Loans for young entrepreneurs and interesting places

Préstamos jóvenes emprendedores If you are an entrepreneur or you are thinking about developing your own project, we want to help you carry it out successfully through the loan guide for young entrepreneurs and other interesting places we have developed- main page.

In this guide for young entrepreneurs we review all the aspects that can be of great help in your business venture:

  • How to prepare the business plan
  • Where to go to get loans for young entrepreneurs
  • What public aid can be obtained
  • Interesting places to help entrepreneurs
  • Some of the most outstanding coworking spaces in each Spanish province

We detail below what you will find in this interesting guide for entrepreneurs.

The business plan, the basis of the project

The business plan, the basis of the project

We analyze which are the key points that a business plan must contain. The objective of this document is to show the viability of the company and it is fundamental for obtaining loans for young entrepreneurs.

If you want to know more about the business plan you can visit our post, business plan for financing: 10 keys to do it.

Loans for young entrepreneurs

We compare the different sources of external financing, analyzing their main characteristics, to which young entrepreneurs have access to finance their business.

These forms of financing are the following:

  • Friends and Family
  • Bank financing
  • Public subsidies
  • Participatory loan.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crowdlending
  • Business Angel
  • Venture capital
  • Reciprocal Guarantee Society
  • ICO credit lines

You can know more details about the different financing methods in our study financing for companies.

Loans for young entrepreneurs in crowdlending

Crowdlending is positioning itself as an option more and more used by Spanish companies and entrepreneurs. MytripleA is a crowdlending platform where entrepreneurs from all over Spain get financing through loans funded by individuals. Contact us without obligation and we tell you the simple process. MytripleA loans for entrepreneurs have an interest rate of 3.90% APR. There are also other advantages associated with financing through crowdlending, among which are:

  • Study totally free and without commitment.
  • Does not consume CIRBE.
  • Does not include additional products, only financing.
  • No commission for early repayment.

If you are an entrepreneur and you need a loan, this is your opportunity! Do not think twice and apply for financing for entrepreneurs in MytripleA.


Public aid for young entrepreneurs

Public aid for young entrepreneurs

In this section of the guide, subsidies to companies are analyzed as one of the sources of financing that a young entrepreneur can count on. Among the most requested business grants are:

  • Subsidies to newly created companies.
  • Subsidies to companies for training courses.
  • Aid for self-employed
  • Aid for young entrepreneurs.

The grants and subsidies to young entrepreneurs and start-ups are a fundamental resource for entrepreneurship. In the guide you have access to all the aids and incentives for companies by Autonomous Community. This information is continuously updated, including grants with an open application period granted by the State, and the Autonomous and Local Administrations.


Other interesting places for young entrepreneurs

Other interesting places for young entrepreneurs

Given its importance, all the important places that help young entrepreneurs in their struggle to obtain financing are also analyzed. These places of help are the following:

Mentoring places

Through an interpersonal learning methodology, a person with experience and knowledge helps the entrepreneur to take his business forward.

Networking places

It helps entrepreneurs to build and maintain a network of contacts to publicize the activity of their business.

Incubators and accelerators

They are designed to accelerate growth and ensure the success of business projects, and they do so through a wide range of business resources and services.

Chambers of commerce

They are organizations of businesses and companies, divided into different geographical regions, whose objective is to ensure the interests of entrepreneurs. They are of great help to entrepreneurs to promote trade in their sector, fight for better regulation of it, etc.

Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

They are responsible for the employer representation of all young entrepreneurs in Spain under 41 years. It is a non-profit organization, made up of different associations of young entrepreneurs divided geographically, who fight for the interests of young entrepreneurs to channel their business initiatives.

The guide includes the official list of all Chambers of Commerce and Associations of Young Entrepreneurs of Spain with their corresponding addresses.


Coworking for young entrepreneurs

Coworking for young entrepreneurs

The last spaces that have been added to help young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs, are coworking spaces.

Coworking allows different professionals and independent entrepreneurs to work together sharing the same space. The objective pursued is to create synergies that allow these professionals to advance their work and create new relationships with customers and suppliers, in addition to sharing expenses. These premises also function as fiscal headquarters of all SMEs and self-employed people who establish themselves in them.

These coworking spaces are ideal for young entrepreneurs who want to launch their businesses to the market with the help of different professionals and thus have a space to develop their business.

In the guide, you will find an in-depth study of the main coworking spaces of each of the provincial capitals of Spain, along with their addresses, rates, and websites, so that they can be useful to users and entrepreneurs who visit The Guide.