The bedrock of the Civic Pact

The foundation of the “Civic Pact”

(Extract from the book of the Civic Pact co-authored with JB de Foucauld and Pierre Guilhaume on the democratic mutation to be published at the end of 2016)

Launched in 2011, after three years of work, responding to the financial crisis of 2008, the Civic Pact is presented as a device for awareness and therapeutic action based on a base that can be summarized as follows:
According to the apt words of Patrick Viveret, our companies must simultaneously absorb three debts, the financial debt, the ecological debt and the social debt (that of unemployment, exclusions, social deficits) which de facto weigh on future generations, without fall into the temptation to privilege or abandon any of them.

Elimination of the three debts

The elimination of the three debts will involve great efforts of creativity and redistribution, to which our societies too individualistic and utilitarian are poorly prepared- read the article. These efforts will be inspired by an imperative of sobriety, a condition of social and ecological justice because it leads to distinguish the essential from the superfluous and allows to redistribute the second so that everyone can access the first. This can not be done without a minimum of fraternity, social bond, ability to the sensitive and the re-enchantment of the world. Thus, four reference values emerge that can end, ghtefraternity;: creativity, sobriety, justice, and fraternity; these values are mutually complementary and must be deployed together, in order to raise the level of quality and democratic demand in the face of multiple forms of degeneration (cynicism, populism, oligarchy, abstentionism, etc.). This means relying on the many innovative initiatives emerging in the social and civic movement. By concretely implementing these values of reference, they constitute a source of inspiration and hope to lead the changes in progress.

In a more operational way, the Civic Pact proposes to decline these four values at all levels, and more particularly to that of personal behaviors, to that of the various organizations that structure the economic, social, cultural and institutional life, and to that of the institutions. and public policies. He also proposes that the link is made between these three levels of transformation that must be combined and support each other, while they are very generally disjoint. To this end, 32 commitments or guidelines are proposed covering these three levels, supplemented by aid for their implementation which must be discussed, developed and completed [1].
The Civic Pact approach aims to be inclusive without pretending to be exhaustive, systemic without being systematic, transpolitical without denying cleavages, assuming complexity without being locked up. Since its launch in 2011, it has set itself the goal of bringing together education, think tank and do tank functions, to change attitudes and to influence public debate.

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